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Reserve Wine series

TM KOBLEVO RESERVE WINE - an exclusive series from the best Italian and Ukrainian winemakers, who have connected unparalleled taste of grape quality and European wine-making traditions for several decades. The terroir of vineyards of KOBLEVO distinguishes itself by mild climate, nearness to the sea and an optimal number of sunny days per year that helps to produce perfect grapes. Thereby KOBLEVO RESERVE WINE these are wines of the highest quality that can compete with international wine brands.

KOBLEVO wines, RESERVE series :  Chardonnay KOBLEVO wines, RESERVE series :  Riesling KOBLEVO wines, RESERVE series :  Traminer KOBLEVO wines, RESERVE series :  Cabernet

SELECT wine series

A superb SELECT wine collection is the embodiment of classical European traditions and fertile Ukrainian soil. Only the best grape combined with the latest wine making technologies and professional expertise of KOBLEVO winemakers enables us to surpass even the highest expectations of true wine connoisseurs.
KOBLEVO wines, Select series, Chardonnay KOBLEVO wines, Select series, Kabernet KOBLEVO wines, Select series, Perl of Tiligul KOBLEVO wines, Select series, Legend of Kimmeriya

BORDEAUX wine series

A palette of exquisite and noble wines presented in the BORDEAUX series was created for those who appreciate the quality of the wine. Varietal and blended, dry and fortified wines are made in the best tradition of modern European styles. Each of the submitted samples opens up a wonderful world of natural Ukrainian wine for all wine connoisseurs.

KOBLEVO wines, Bordeaux series, Sauvignon KOBLEVO wines wines,  Bordeaux series, Kagor Ukrainian KOBLEVO wines, Bordeaux series, Saperavi KOBLEVO wines, Bordeaux series, "Muscat" Koblevo" (pink)

SOMMELIER wine series

European, stylish and elegant SOMMELIER wine series was created by KOBLEVO for those who prefer natural dry wines and are able to appreciate noble taste. Sommelier red and white wines are perfect addition to any regular dinner, as well as an exquisite romantic dinner or just a hangout with friends or family.
KOBLEVO wines, Sommelier series, Traminer KOBLEVO wines, Sommelier series, Chardonnay KOBLEVO wines, Sommelier series, Merlot KOBLEVO wines, Sommelier series, Cabernet

The classic line of ordinary cognacs from TM KOBLEVO

Cognacs from the leader of the wine market of Ukraine, born in the famous wine-producing region - Koblevo. The combination of classic French traditions, innovation, skills and experience of the best winemakers has created a unique cognac with an individual taste. Cognac KOBLEVO an unexceptionable creation of winemakers.